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Hopefully you have arrived here because you are looking for the best deals on LED Televisions. If you have been looking around the web or indeed popped into your local electronics store in the last 12 months you will have probably noticed that some tellys are starting look on the slim side.
This is because of a new type of TV technology that allows panels to be produced very thin. These panels have become known as LED TVs which can be a bit misleading as they LCD sets that have been around for the last decade or so but with a new type of back-light that allows them to be a lot thinner.

It is safe to say however that in the future most LCD panels will feature the new back lighting technology and the LED TV moniker will be the standard way that the market distinguishes between these panels and plasmas.

A more detailed explanation of this technology is featured below but if you have come to this site looking for the best LED TV deals and online offers then just follow the links to the particular sets that we have listed.

LED TV Explained

You may have heard a little bit about LED TVs, perhaps from a breathlessly excited friend or an unhelpful salesperson. They are touted as the future of the TV market and this at least is true. To help you better understand what an LED TV can offer and why it might be worth upgrading from an older set, read on.

LED TVs take their title from the fact that they use thousands of tiny LED units to act as the backlighting solution. Bog standard LCD TVs have for years used fluorescent backlighting and while this was fine for a time the benefits of LED backlighting greatly outweigh this traditional alternative.

LED backlighting essentially works by placing LEDs around the edge or across the entirety of the back of the display. And LCD panel is still used to create the onscreen image, but to bring it to life the LEDs are illuminated. Edge lit LED TVs are typically less expensive than the full LED displays. On the negative side the lighting is not always consistent and contrast levels are not as great, but from a positive point of view they are thinner and more efficient than most other TVs on the market, which we will come to in a moment. Full LED TVs often feature local dimming technology which allows for the contrast to be enhanced as the TV works out where the dark areas of the onscreen image are and dims the LEDs just in this spot to give you inkier blacks without compromising on the overall brightness.

As mentioned before LED TVs are more environmentally friendly than standard LCD displays with fluorescent backlighting. This is because LEDs convert more of the electricity they consume into light rather than wasting it as heat. Up to 40 per cent efficiency savings can be made by switching to an LED TV which is the same size as your old LCD screen.

So far it should be clear that from a technical point of view LED TVs have the upper hand. Despite this many consumers will have fallen in love with an LED TV for its looks alone and the good news is that you do not have to make any compromises to get a TV which is technically and aesthetically superior to its precursors. Because LEDs take up much less space than fluorescent backlighting it is possible for manufacturers to produce incredibly slim displays that are just a few centimetres thick. Compared to the 10 plus centimetre thickness of fluorescent displays this will seem wafer-thin and it makes them look cutting edge. This makes them lighter and also gives you extra incentive to mount one on a wall as it could sit almost flush and has less chance of tearing itself out by the roots if inadequately secured.

At the moment LED TVs are a little more expensive than the LCD equivalent, but the difference in price is becoming less pronounced and those upgrading should look to LED TVs for a future-proof home entertainment solution.

Getting the best online LED TV Deals

I hope that the above explanation has cleared up a few issues that may have cropped up in your quest to buy a new telly, now it’s time to get the best offers.

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